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Our Kingdom of Greatness

Our Kingdom of Greatness

Your intuition is so sharp

Your awareness is so vast

Your heart is so pure

That you still know

What is light and true for you

Even if you feel otherwise

If you feel contracted or unsafe

Around anyone

And doubt yourself

For feeling that way

Thinking you are wrong,

Nothing could be further from the truth

It is your heart and soul’s wisdom

Watching out for you

Telling you to trust it

That this doesn’t feel right for you

That you are so wise and potent

For being aware of your truth

Your light is so bright

Your being is so expansive

Your soul is so deep

Your loving heart is so massive

Your essence is so light

That those who love your light

Will keep calling for you

No matter how much

You want to hide it

Allow your light to shine

Allow your light to be seen

There are those who love your light

And can’t wait to add more to it

That brings lightness and expansion

To your and their worlds

That makes our hearts and souls

Dance and sing together

With so much joy

With so much laughter

Seeing greatness in each other

Acknowledging each other

Lifting each other up

It is not about I

It is about We

That is empowering each other

That is growing together

That is uniting together

That is

Together we rise

You got this. One step at a time.

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