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Many times

Truth can be painful

So it is easier

To not go there

To not see

To ignore

To pretend to not know

What we are aware of

For fear that

If we see the truth

It will be so painful

That we can’t survive

Is it really true?

What if pain can’t kill you?

What if it is safe to see truth?

What if you allow pain

To go all the way

To explode into

Trillions of pieces

So it can be healed again?

As Iyanla Vanzant -

A well-known spiritual coach - said

When facing the pain from truth

‘Let your heart break

So it can be whole again’

So in your challenging situations or

Your challenging relationships

What is the truth that you are aware of,

That you might not want to know,

That if you are willing to know,

It will set you free

Even if it stings as hell?

What if truth heals your heart?

What if truth softens your heart?

What if truth makes

Your heart and soul

Whole and complete again?

What if truth uncovers

The truth of who you are

Your strength and courage

To move through and beyond

Any and all pain

To the other side

Your infinite wisdom

Your inner knowing

Your total freedom

To be all of YOU?

All it takes is your willingness

Your YES

To go there

Then God or the Universe

Will deliver any and all tools

That you need

To unearth your truth

That is safe for you

Your soul and God

Got your back


Whether you believe it or not

You are safe

No matter what

Because you are still here

Breathing and finding

Your absolute truth

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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