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We Are Oneness

Right and Wrong

Good and Bad

Positive and negative Dark and light Evil and Saint Fairness and Unfairness Justice and Injustice Love and Hate Peace and War Religion and no religion And so so much more Is based on the polarity reality It is based on judgment of extreme ends We as souls come here in the human form We forget the truth of who we truly are In order to remember the truth of who we are for our soul growth and evolution Through life experiences Experiencing different perspectives of life That polarity reality in this physical reality To see the totality of truth We make that polarity reality work for us We make it our ally It helps us see, grow and evolve our soul That it is beyond polarity It is beyond judgment It is awareness That it’s not about including this and excluding that That it’s not about only this exists and that doesn’t That it includes everything and judges nothing We are here to embody that truth That we are Oneness We are pure consciousness We are total, infinite awareness We are Source Beyond words We come from the same Source And we’ll return to the same Source You got this. One step at a time.

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