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You are a creative genius

Have you ever felt blocked in your creativity or said things like: ‘I am not creative’?

What if it’s a lie?

What if you are creative? What if you are super-creative? What if you are a creative genius? Does it feel lighter for you? Does that make you smile? It it does, it is true for you You are innately creative even if you might think, feel or believe otherwise What if now is the time to destroy that lie and reclaim your truth? What if now is the time to acknowledge how creative you are? By choosing to get in touch with that part of you By doing what you love that speaks to your heart and soul The more you do what you love, the more you open up your creativity The more you do what you love, you allow your creativity to flow The more you do what you love, the more you grow your innate creativity Your creativity is infinite and limitless Your creativity is the expression of your heart, soul and God within you Your creativity lifts you up and inspires you Your creativity puts you on a high vibration and helps you feel good Your creativity lifts others up and inspires them along the way The more you do, be, create and generate what you love, the more energized you get The more energized you get, the more passion, that fire for life you light up within you Your passion and fire within is eternal Your creativity is eternal Wake up your creative genius within you Nurture it Grow it Keep doing what you love And create It doesn’t matter who likes or approves of it or not As long as you love doing it, your creation is your masterpiece You are a creative genius You got this. One step at a time.

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