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You Are The Answer

How much of your life have you been

Compared with others as though

You are not good enough?

How much of your life

Have you compared you with others

As the result of it

Thinking what you have is not good enough

Where you are is not good enough

Believing the way you are

Who you are and what you are

Is not good enough

Thinking you gotta have more

More money

More people

More relationships

More possessions

More accomplishments

You name it

In order to prove you are good enough,

Then you would be more loved and be happy?

Have you ever found it?

Have you felt more loved?

Or it would just short-live,

Fleet away once you get it, then move on

To the next, chasing this one after another

And never truly finding total peace,

Serenity, freedom and happiness

But instead constant stress and anxiety,

Worries and fears?

How much of your life

Have you been taught

People and things are the answer

Doing, doing and doing some more

In order to prove your enoughness

For others' approval and acceptance

Is the answer for your

True eternal happiness and freedom?

If they were the ultimate answer,

You would have found it

A long time ago and

Stopped searching and chasing

What if they are all the wrong places

To look for and find your

Total happiness and freedom?

What if your eternal, permanent

Happiness, joy and total freedom

Is nowhere else and nobody else

But with YOU and in YOU?

So everywhere you bought the lie

From all those who taught you that

Their and everybody else's

Love, acceptance and approval with

More accomplishments

More possessions

More doing

More of this and more of that

Equals love and enoughness,

Comparing you with others,

Thinking and believing

You have less, can do and be less,

Hence you are less than,

Which is another bunch of lies,

As real, true and yours

When it actually isn't,

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy

And return it all to senders please?

What if you are born more than enough

Regardless of what you do or don't do

Regardless of what you have or don't have

Regardless of where you are right now?

What if you are enough

Exactly the way you are?

Let's say you had nobody and nothing left

No family, no parents, no spouse

No friends, no money, no possessions


Nada left

Who and what would you have left?

Who and what would you have left to compare?

Whose and what purpose left would you live for?

Wouldn't that be YOU?

So what if YOU are the ultimate answer?

What if your eternal, permanent

Joy, bliss, happiness, peace

Serenity and total freedom

Starts and ends with you and in you,

Nobody else and nothing else?

What if this ultimate Source is

Closer than anybody and anything out there?

What if this ultimate Source is

Closer than you think?

What if this ultimate Soure is

Closer than our own breath?

What if this ultimate Source is

The most intimate, deepest with you

Among all else?

Because YOU are that ultimate Source

Of infinite pure love for you

YOU are it

So keep going, God's warrior of spirit

You have been doing amazing

Keep diving deeper and deeper

With you and into you

Regardless of what is going on outside of you

Nobody can understand you better than you

Nobody can understand you deeper than you

Nobody can see all of you but YOU

YOU are the ultimate answer

You are on your way

To unearth and discover

Your God's eternal treasure

That is God within you

That is your eternal light

That is who you are

That is your natural state

That is your birthright

You got this . One step at a time.

- Phuong

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1 commento

Thank you so much for the encouraging and touching words. i literally felt rushing goosebumps. May your life be blessed with love, peace and gods presence. Much live


Mi piace
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