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You Are The Magical Dance of the Universe

If you stumble,

Yes, it is hard

Yes, it is painful

Yes, it is uncomfortable

Yes, it is challenging

Sometimes or so many times

Beyond imagination

To the level where

You might want to quit

It’s totally ok

It’s all part of the process

And journey of your transformation

Into your phoenix

To fly and roar

With total freedom

To be all of YOU

At the moment of doubt,

Stop and ask yourself again

Why are you here?

What are you capable of?

Those very questions

Would remind you of

And flare you up with

Your deep knowing

Your burning fire

Your drive

Your purpose

Your passion

That would fuel you

With everything you got

To move through and

Beyond all stumblings

All struggles

Again and again

With your presence

With your total receiving

With your total appreciation

Of them to be

Allowing them to unfold

To merge into your greatness within

Your total being

That is the spirit of a warrior

That is making it

Part of your dance

With your life journey

With the Universe




Your masterpiece

Called YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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