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Your Colors of Life

When you contribute to someone’s life

With whatever you love doing

Coming from your soul’s burning fire

Coming from your gigantic loving heart

Letting them know

That they are safe

That they are seen

That they are heard

That they are cared for

That they are supported

That they are valued

That they are cherished

That they are honored

That they are appreciated

That they are precious

That they are such a gift

That they are such a miracle

That they are such a blessing

To you and the world

Gifting them everything

That you were never given

Lifting them up

Allowing their heart to open

Empowering them

To perceive and acknowledge

To receive and reclaim

Their beyond-this-world

Powerful infinite knowing

To recognize and acknowledge

Their magnificent light of their soul

Their soul’ burning fire

Their God’s talents and gifts

Their infinite capabilities and capacities

Their love and compassion

Their strength and courage

Their power and potency

Their genius within

The power of their own soul

The miracles of their soul song

All colors of their own rainbow

Allowing them to reclaim

Their total power to choose

With their total clarity

With their total trust in them

No matter how much

They try to hide

Underneath all the limitations

Underneath all the lies

Of their wrongness

That are not true about

Who they are at all,

That is adding value to their life

That is leaving your mark

That is making an impact

That is being an extraordinary leader

That sings to your heart and theirs

That expands your soul and theirs

That brings you and them joy

That brings you and them bliss

That brings you and them flow

That brings you and them expansion

That brings you and them total freedom

With your total being

What if it is meaning in life

That fills your life

With all colors of a rainbow

That keeps you doing and being

More and more of that

With your pure heart and soul

With so much appreciation

With so much happiness

With so much excitement

With so much ease

With so much abundance

In your life and theirs?

Would you be willing to acknowledge

You are God’s brilliant sunshine

You are God’s miraculous rainbow

Bringing hope and trust

Bringing inspiration and empowerment

Igniting their power alive

Lightening up their path

Inviting infinite possibilities

To those who need your light

With their infinite knowing

As their inner compass?

You are on your way

Of reclaiming it all

Your total freedom

To live and thrive

As your magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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