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Your Gigantic Contribution

Just a kind word can

Change someone’s world

Just a caring act can

Change someone’s life

It is not about how much money

You can or can’t give others

It is not about perceived big acts

You can or can’t do for others

To be considered contribution or caring

You might think

What you do is small and nothing

Yet you gift those whom you meet

Such gigantic beautiful gifts

With your very presence

With your very being

With your beautiful heart and soul

As a contribution to their lives

Because you gift them

Exactly what they need

That is what matters to them

To let them know and experience

Their total truth that

They are worthy and deserving

To be loved and supported

To be seen and cared for

Without conditions

Without them having to

Prove themselves

Without them having to

Do anything to earn for it

As it is their birthright

Would you be willing

To acknowledge

How valuable you are

How precious you are

How beautiful you are

How miraculous you are

How magical you are

How loving you are

How caring you are

How kind you are

How gigantic a contribution

You be to others’s lives

With exactly what you have been doing

Whether it is perceived big or small or not?

It is the very things

That you have been doing and being

That is enormous beyond imagination

That is valuable beyond materials

That only your gigantic loving heart

That only your eternal soul

That only your God’s light

Can gift to theirs

That is how extraordinary you are

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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