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Your God's Golden Heart

How much of your life

Have you been taught

By judging and concluding

Who and what is good and bad

Who and what is right and wrong

Who and what is evil and saint

Who and what is and is not supposed

To do, have and be,

All of that polarity reality

Using the mind to function in life,

It is the way of life and living

As though it is working?

If it worked, why would we have

So many problems in life,

Stress, health, finance, relationships

You name it

If it worked, why is it that

Nothing is ever enough

Unless something happens or

Somebody comes?

If it worked, why would we not truly

Feel happy or fulfilled

Unless this or that occurs?

If it worked, why would humanity

Experience so much pain and suffering?

If it worked, why would there be cruelty,

Violence, corruption and wars

Taking place in the world?

It is all the endless game of the mind

It is all the endless game of insanity

Has it ever worked?


We have been taught for trillions,

Eons of years that the mind

Is the answer, the key and the lock

For everything in our life

When it actually is not

Everywhere you bought that lie

From your authority figures

From your generations, ancestors,

Society, cultures , countries,

Everybody else around you

And this entire human race,

As real, true and yours

When it isn’t,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy

And return it all to senders please?

What if there is another way greater?

What if your heart is the answer?

What if your heart is your total being?

What if your heart leads the way?

What if your heart uplifts, expands

And creates a greater world

Within and without

Far beyond imagination?

What if we share the same heart,

And that heart is God within

Each and every one of us?

Your heart is the sun

Your heart is the moon

Your heart is the star

Your heart is the diamond

Your heart is the breeze

Your heart is the air

Your heart is the whisper

Your heart is the warmth

Your heart is the joy

Your heart is the kindness

Your heart is the generosity

Your heart is the serenity

Your heart is the hope

Your heart is the light

Radiating from the core of your being

Your heart is the pearl of wisdom

Rising from the eternal depth of your soul

Your heart is the blossoming lotus

Scenting with your pure essence

Your heart is your beautiful soul

Singing to the entire Universe

Your heart is the infinite bliss

Dancing with God within you

Your heart is the infinite ectasy

Merging as one with the Cosmos

Your heart is the life force

Pulsating with every fibre of your being

What if there is nothing to be afraid of

When your heart is that beautiful

When your heart is that loving

When your heart is all-compassing

When your heart is that gigantic

When your heart is that enornomous

When your heart is that magnanimous

When your heart is that brilliant

When your heart is that treasure of God

Flowing through every fibre of your being?

Everything that doesn’t allow you

To acknowledge and receive

That truth and infinite capacity

Of your resilient heart,

Would you like to uncreate,

Delete and destroy it all?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible for you

To lower all barriers

To uncreate all the lies

To destroy all the walls

To drop all the swords

To tear off all the armors

Created from the mind

To soften your heart

To open your heart

To feel your heart

To embrace your heart, and

To speak your heart

To allow your heart

To lead the way

In order to receive

All of YOU and everything

That God desires for you?

What if that is true caring for you

Simply for YOU?

You are on your way

Flying your wings

To your eternal Home

Called the magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

- Deep healing and coaching sessions

For total clarity and freedom

- For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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