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Your Greatness Within

If you feel stuck

Or find it impossible

To change your life or

Your situations

Hope and

Trust again

Trust you

Trust life

Trust God

Knowing that

You are moving forward

No matter what

What did you decide as impossible

That actually is possible

That if you could allow it

It would create magic and miracles

That you truly are?

Keep trusting

What you know deep inside

Even if it is unknown

That unknown is the reservoir of

Infinite possibilities

God within

Your soul

Your eternally shining light

Your eternally burning fire

Your greatness within

Your maginificence beyond measure

Calling for you

What else is possible

That leads you to your

True infinite freedom

To be YOU?

You are on the right track

There’s always a way

Even if you don’t feel it

Keep choosing you

Keep following your heart and soul

That inner voice

That inner knowing

That guides you to

The ownership of your

Infinite power and potency

Standing on top of the world

Spreading your wide open wings

Roaring your unstoppable truth

Your infinitely eloquent, miraculous voice

The voice of God

You got this. One step at a time.

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