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Your Infinite Capacity of Holding Space

Many times when someone shares

Their thoughts, feelings and emotions

Like anger, sadness, fears, tears

All they need is to be heard

All they need is to be acknowledged

All they need is allowance

All they need is a safe space

To be allowed to express themselves

Without being judged

As wrong or bad

Without being dismissed

For however they feel

For whatever they think

Without being given advice

Without being told

What they should or shouldn’t feel

What they should or shouldn’t think

What they should or shouldn’t do

They always know what to do

They have their own awareness

They have their own wisdom

Coming from their hearts and souls

Your mere presence and space

Allowing them to be

Is a huge gift to them

That capacity always starts with you first

Allow you to be

Allow you to feel anything at all

Especially when it comes to

Anger, sadness, fears

All the uncomfortable feelings and emotions

Without judgments of you

And breathe through it

Use whatever tools you got

To allow you to

Drop into your heart and

Feel full-on

With every fibre you got





Whatever you need to do

To let it all out

That vulnerability is your strength

Not weakness

That vulnerability is your freedom

Not limitation

Trying to suppress it

Trying to forget it

Trying to bury it

Trying to deny it

Trying to push it away

By doing something else

As a distraction

As a coping mechanism

Is a temporary solution

You might feel better

For the time being

Yet it short-lives

It will come back

At another time

It will get you

To forget more of

Your desires

Your dreams

Your fires

Your truth

Your heart and soul

Your total freedom

The truth of who you are

From within

It is safe to feel uncomfortable feelings

You will not just survive

But you will thrive beyond it

You will remember more of your soul

You will reclaim and own more of YOU

Whole and complete

Awake and alive

Don’t hold back

It’ll set you free

It’ll bring you lightness

It’ll bring you your total clarity

It’ll awaken your soul

It’ll open your heart

It’ll give you space

That is YOU

Your being

Your state of being

That is you holding space for you

That is you having compassion for you

That is you listening to you

With total allowance of you

The more you do and be that for you,

The more you do and be that for others

That is true empowerment to you and others

That you are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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