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Your Infinite Joy For You

How much of your life

Have you spent with the relationships

That are pushing and pulling

That are loving and hating

That are half good and half bad

That are more bad than good

Not wanting to suffer any longer

Yet feeling stuck and trapped

Feeling helpless and powerless

Believing you aren’t strong enough

Believing you have no choice

To end all of this suffering for you?

Is it true?

Does it feel heavy for you?

You are an infinite being

You are lightness and expansion

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie for you

You are free to choose

Whatever you would like and desire

You always have a choice

It is your freedom to choose

It is your free will to choose

That is your birthright

That is the greatest gift and blessing

That God gives each one of us

That nobody can take away from you

Without your permission

So as an infinite being that you are,

Would ‘having no choice, stuckness,

Helplessness, powerlessness,

Lack of strength’ be your reality?


What if you are way stronger than

You are willing to give yourself credit for?


Regardless of how much pain and suffering

You have gone through and thought

You couldn’t go on,

You are still standing here

You are still breathing

You are still moving

When you couldn’t walk, you crawled

Giving up is never your option

You still have hope

You still find a way out for you

Because deep in your heart and soul,

You know there is always a way

You know you are here not just to survive,

But to thrive and shine your light

And be the greatness you are born to be

Does that feel lighter for you?

So how much of the ‘I have no choice’,

‘I can’t choose this

Because I am not strong enough

Because it is all I know

Because it is more comfortable this way

Because it is safer with what I know

Because what if I am wrong

Because what if I make a wrong choice

Because I can’t trust myself

Because I need this person or that thing

To feel loved, wanted, important

Significant, good enough and more

Because I am afraid of being alone

Without this person or that thing

Even though it means I suffer

Even though it means I accept less than

What I truly desire for my life and living

All the ‘because’ that

Bubbles up in my your mind,

Is actually all the lies and programmings

From the thinking, logical mind

That you perceived and bought as yours

From all those who taught you

From all those who were supposed to love you

But couldn’t give the loving and caring

That you needed

When they themselves didn’t even know

What it truly was to be

Loving and kind to themselves, and

What love truly was?

A little, a lot or all of it?

And how much of YOU

Have you rejected for

Making others, and their opinions

Needing their love, acceptance and approval

Greater than YOU, your being

Buying all those lies

As real, true and yours when it wasn’t?

A little, a lot or all of YOU?

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, delete,

Destroy and return it all to senders,

And reclaim your total being please?

What if by losing anybody

And anything that drags you down

That disempowers you

That moves you further away

From the truth of who you are, and

What you are capable of,

You choose to trust you

You gain more of you

You reclaim and embody

Your magnificent YOU?

In order to trust you,

It takes practice to

Dare to choose your inner knowing

In the face of fear and doubt

Who can do such a better job

Than YOU?

Because you are the only one

Who has that total power to choose

It is ok to slip and fall along the way

What matters is your willingness

To practice to choose to trust you

Again and again and again

For your lightness and expansion

For your infinite possibilities

Until you master it

It is the whole purpose of

Our being here on this planet Earth

To experience and embody

Being ascended masters

We are all created to be

Would you like to receive that

You are way more than capable

Of doing and being

That Source for you?

What if you always know

What you truly know from your soul

Even when you think or your mind

Convinces you otherwise?

Everywhere you told yourself,

Thought to yourself and believed with the

‘I don’t know’, ‘I am not sure’, ‘maybe’,

‘I am confused’, ‘I am torn’

All those things along the line

When you actually did know your truth

In, with, from, through and as

Your soul, total being and awareness,

Everything that is,

Would you like to destroy it all?

In order to trust you,

Would you be willing to stand alone

If required to stay true to YOU?

That is reclaiming your truth

That is owning YOU

That is your declaration of freedom

From the need to belong and fit in

With anybody else or anything else


Because you belong with YOU

You belong with God,

Your entire Universe within

That is your ultimate Source of love

That is your ultimate Source of warmth

That is your ultimate Source of gentleness

That is your ultimate Source of strength

That is your ultimate Source of freedom

That is your ultimate Source of guidance

That is your ultimate Source of creation

That is your ultimate Source of creativity

That is your ultimate Source of inspiration

That is your ultimate Source of empowerment

That is your ultimate Home

What if you have never lost

People or things as your mind believed,

But you have always gained

Your entire being as YOU

Even when it didn’t look or feel like it?

Everywhere you thought you lost

When it was actually

More opportunities and gifts

To gain, reclaim and own YOU,

Your infinite love for YOU

And God within you,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate and

Destroy it all please?

Would you like to receive

From your own soul and God within

Through every cell of your body that

It is safe and possible for you,

You know what it feels like,

You are way more than strong enough,

And it is your kindness and true caring

For YOU to say NO

To whoever and whatever

That contracts your being

In order to say YES


Your greatness and infinite possibilities

Your infinite capacities and capabilities

Your infinite freedom to fly

To your bright and brilliant future

You are meant to live and be?

What if you are here

To create the life you truly desire

From your heart and soul

For your joy and happiness

For your peace and serenity

For your clarity and ease

For your victory and glory

For your magic and miracle

For your bliss and ectasy

For your abundance and greatness

Simply for YOU?

What if this is exactly

What it feels like to be human

As whole and complete

As the infinite ocean of joy

As the miraculous pearl of wisdom

As the radiating fragrance of blossoming lotus

As the magnificence of a million suns

As the pure essence of dinvinity

You are born to be

For all eternity and back?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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