Your Journey

What is your life journey?

What is your life path?

About 3 years ago, while experiencing tremendous repeated abuse, I had a vivid dream of my grandma telling me to keep healing and going, and I’d become a healer like Mary Oliver

I had never heard of this name before. I then googled the name to see if this person existed. It turned out she is a popular American poet

I had hated poems and writing before. They had never made sense to me

But when I saw her ‘The Journey’ poem, it caught my eyes for some reason. I read it and found myself crying

As it spoke straight to my heart and soul as though it were written for me

The journey of finding and saving me despite all pain, abuse, madness and insanity, and loud voices that tried to drown me

The journey of keeping walking towards the sky filled with twinkling, sparkling, burning stars, God, Jesus, spirits, Home waiting ahead

The journey of finding my own inner voice

That was all I could understand about the dream back then. I moved on with my life and still hated writing. I was told I sucked at it as a kid. I bought into that lie. I never wrote

Only until two months ago, I started writing. It was when I realized I could write, that I could write poems with healing words that lift and expand my soul beyond my imagination

It got me to acknowledge more and more each and every day this gift that I rejected most of my life

The dream of my grandma has made sense to me now. She has believed in me and seen me all along even when she is on the other side.

So what are your gifts and talents that you might not be acknowledging, not want to know, might be rejecting or denying?

What if now is the time for you to explore, discover, reclaim and own them all?

You might have felt like you have lost the truth of who you are including your gifts

You might feel like you are going through hell

Due to all the pain, challenges or abuse you might have been experiencing

What if it is part of your journey of finding you

And unearthing the greatness within you?

What if feeling the loss of who you are is the very journey that gets you to find your own soul?

What if feeling the loss of love in every relationship including one with you and life itself is the very journey that gets you to find your own love for you and life again?

What if feeling the loss of your relationship with God, or having never known what God is or if God even exists is the very journey that gets you to find and experience your God within again?

What if thinking or believing that you have no gifts or talents is the very journey that gets you to find God’s truth that you do beyond imagination?

What if every little effort you have made is exactly your journey of finding you?

All the loss you might have felt

Is all the gain that you will obtain

To be your very own soul

That God created you to be

As long as you don’t give up

Keep going in your journey

Of finding and listening to your inner voice

It will take you to your talents and gifts

To magic and miracles

To your bright, brilliant future

Beyond imagination

Your journey of healing

Your journey of a mega-creator

Your journey of a legendary

Your journey of stewardship

Your journey of greatness

Your journey of magnificence

Your journey of a messenger from God

With your life story to be told

For inspiration, empowerment and healing

Of the whole planet

That God created you to be

You got this. One step at a time.

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