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Your Journey of Self-Mastery

It doesn’t matter

How fast or slow others go

As long as you never give up

It doesn’t matter

How fast or slow you go

As long as you never give up

Keep going at your own pace

You have been doing amazing

At your very best

From wherever you are

With whatever you got available

At any given moment

Acknowledge you

Appreciate you

Celebrate you

For every little effort

You have made

In case you forget

Thinking or believing

You are not making progress

Be aware


And look back

You’ll see how far

You have come

That is kindness to you

That is trust in you

That is trust in life

That is trust in the process

The more you trust,

The more you let go of control

Knowing that

You are moving forward

You are making progress

You are fully supported

You are thriving

You are shining

In your own way

No matter what

What if you have been

Making a huge progress

Way more than you are willing

To give yourself credit for?

What if it is not about achievements

Or the end results

How much you can or can’t achieve

But it is all about learning and mastering

Unconditional love for you

Trust in you and life

Trust in the Universe

Allowing life to be an adventure

Allowing the Universe to gift you

Everything it has

For your eternal soul evolution?

It is when all creation and generation

All masterpieces are created

With total ease and inspiration

From your kindness to you

From your heart of all hearts

From your total being

From your genius within

Therefore radiating out to others

Touching, awakening and inspiring

Their heart of all hearts

Their own inner genius

For their own self-mastery

For their own transformation

To the infinite

Never give up

Never give in

Go at your own pace


Build a strong foundation with you

For your gigantic empire

Called the magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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