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Your Powerful Capabilities

Have you ever experienced

So much fear when you wanted to do

Something you had never done before

Something you had no idea how to do it

So much so that

You stopped yourself from doing it?

I would like to share

One of my personal experiences

To convey my message

3 years ago, I wanted to make a website

Following my soul and life purpose

I had no idea how to do it

And I hated writing

I had so much fear of not knowing how

I had so much fear of putting out

Some of my personal story of abuse

That I got paralysed and depressed

Thinking I would get punished and disowned

For speaking my truth

By my family if they found out

I allowed it to stop me

From doing it for 6 months straight

Then one night inspiration came

I did it anyway

Despite the fear

I finished making it

With some of my story

What I have grown from it

As priceless gifts

What I have to offer

To share with the world

At that same night

The fear went down tremendously

It was also when I realized

‘Wow, I can do that?’

‘I thought I was incapable

My entire life’

That very moment got me

To acknowledge that big-fat lie

That I bought

And start wondering

What else am I capable of?

So what is my message

Sharing my personal experience?

You are way more capable

Powerful and potent beyond words

Than you might be willing

To give yourself credit for

The more fear you might feel,

The more capacity and capabilities

The more power and potency

The more heart, burning desire and passion

You have and be

That is the truth of who you are

Fear is not real

At the same time

It is ok to feel fear

It is normal to have fear

As we all are human

It is there for you to stretch

And reclaim your infinite capabilities

That you are born to be

You can do and be anything

Which your heart and soul desires

In a heartbeat!

That is how powerful you are!

Once you choose YOU over fear

Whenever the time is right for you

You don’t have to wait for fear

To go away and feel better

In order to take actions

What if you could just

Embrace it

Acknowledge it

Appreciate it for trying

To keep you safe

Allow it to be

Give it space

Knowing that

You will take it from here,

Your heart

Your soul

Your passion

Your desire

Your life purpose

Your powerful inspiration

Will always win and guide you

No matter how long it takes

No matter what it takes

Once you allow it

And make the choice

To choose YOU

You are a mega-creator

You are a mega-star

You are the voice of God

You are the messenger of God

You are the gift of God

To you

To life

To God

To humanity

For inspiration and empowerment

For strength and courage

For heart and compassion

For gentleness and kindness

For infinite lightness and expansion

For joy and bliss

For magic and miracles

For infinite possibilities

For infinite growth and evolution

Of planet Earth

And the Universe

That is your power and potency

That is your powerful capabilities

Of a genius within you are created to be

You got this. One step at a time.

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