In our work together, we will work via either skype or zoom. Our session or sessions will be driven by your needs and energy.  

During the sessions, according to your energy and your needs, we would use different tools, techniques, modalities including Thetahealing, EFT, ACE, Release and Replace, ROAR , Inner child work, breathwork to identify the unresolved trauma, limiting beliefs, limitations or lies, including  acute and chronic physical pain, diseases that hold you back, clear them and unearth your truth with empowering beliefs, clarity, joy, peace, ease to to ignite your power alive, help you move forward coming from your inspiration within in different areas of your life.


For booking, scheduling and any further information, please contact me via my email address:, or my cell phone number: (+66) 0876811440, or my Skype ID: neriphuong

Thank you for being YOU, your willingness to show up, heal, thrive and choose for YOU. 

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