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Have you ever felt hopeless or stuck no matter how much you have tried?

And yet you are still here....

Where does that come from?


You have never given up hope

Hold on tight to hope

Hope more

Trust more

No matter you might feel otherwise

Based on your circumstances

And how many times you’ve tried

Hope is what gets you to keep going

Hope is what gets you to be brave

Hope is what gets you to be here

Hope is what gets you to be willing to

Go through whatver pain, discomfort, challenges

You might be going through right now

For your soul growth and evolution

Hope is your inner knowing

Hope is your wisdom

Knowing deep in your bones

There is so much more for you

Keep following that hope

That speaks deep to your heart and soul

It strengthens your trust in you and God within even more

It gets you to places where you had no idea you are capable of

It gets you to your infinite possibilties and capabilities

It gets you to your true freedom

You are on the right path

Keep going

You got this. One step at a time.

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