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Phuong is an attentive, non-judgmental listener with admirable patience in her healing sessions with me on my physical foot pain. She is such a caring and empathetic creature. In her healing sessions with me for three weeks, Phuong has been a trustworthy and respectful therapist, very persistent, thorough and gentle at the same time. Phuong is also very client-centric, encouraging and kind-hearted. During my healing sessions, she kept saying that I am doing great and we were making progress. When my pain did not go away as fast as I hoped it would, Phuong demonstrated an adorably good sense of humor which lowered my level of stress when I needed a good laugh. When my pain miraculously disappeared after 4 sessions and I was so happy and I thanked her for that, she reassured me that I did it all, she was just there to assist me in healing myself. And the special thing to note about my healing is that all sessions were conducted over the phone as we were in different countries, and my physical foot pain had been serious enough before the healing that I had booked a surgery with my local hospital. Of course, thanks to the tapping sessions with Phuong, no surgery is needed now, and I am feeling great!"

Nguyen Thi Hien Giang, Hanoi

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