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Have you found yourself

Explaining away what others do

Even when it hurts you?

Have you heard others keep saying

Things like ‘forgive’?

How much of forgiving is actually

Suppressing and dismissing

What you are aware of

That is not true for you

As a distraction from pain

And an avoidance of pain

To suppress your being?

People choose to do whatever

Just simply because they can

Whether it’s conscious or not

Life experiences or circumstances

Don’t determine one’s behavior

Destiny, fate, or

Life is supposed to be that way

Or whatever we would like to call it

It’s choice

We can change anything

If we choose to

No matter what it takes

No matter how long it takes

It is not about forgiving, or

Succumbing to the circumstances

It is about what can be done

To change a situation

And choose what works for you

And everyone involved

Even if that means walking away

Or speaking up

Or whatever required

To empower YOU

How do you know it is your awareness?

It brings you lightness and expansion

In your universe

Go for that

That is choosing your freedom right there

The more you trust your awareness,

The more you choose to trust you,

The easier it becomes to lose

What feels heavy or off for you

The more you move forward

Towards your total freedom

To be YOU

It all lies in your total power

To choose

Whatever empowers and expands you

One choice at a time

You got this. One step at a time.

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