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Come, Let's Go This Way

Have you ever made you wrong

Feeling frustrated or not good enough

For not being able to help

Those who you cared for

No matter how much you wanted to

No matter how much you tried to

No matter how much you could see

It would open up their world to

So many different possibilities

That would empower them

That would make their lives

To flow with a lot more ease

To move with a lot more joy

And remember more of

Who they truly are?

Did you say things to yourself like

‘What did I do wrong?’

On autopilot

Assuming it was all your fault

Thinking there must be a reason

And dimming more of your light

To make it right?

Is it really true?

Does it make you feel lighter or heavier?

What if you did nothing wrong?

How about what you did right?

What was right about you

That you were not acknowledging,

That if you would acknowledge it,

It would allow you to see

What a magnificent gift that you be

What a great impact you touched

On someone’s life

Beyond your logical thinking

Even when it didn’t turn out

As you expected it to be?

What if you have done more than enough

Simply with your kindness and caring

Simply with your genuinity

Simply with your presence

Simply with your willingness to listen

From your heart and soul

That you be with them?

How much of what you offered

Was what they weren’t ready for?

How much of what you offered

Was what they weren’t willing

To open up to?

How much of what you offered

Was what they didn’t want to hear?

How much of what you offered

Was what they didn’t need or ask for?

Did it make them wrong?


Did it make you wrong?


Once anyone has already decided

To not receive from you,

There is nothing you can do about it

No matter how good or talented you are

At what you do

It has nothing to do with

Your talents and gifts

It has nothing to do with

Your enoughness

It has nothing to do with them

With your pure heart

With your pure intention

To be a contribution to

Anyone’s life,

There is nothing you could do wrong


If you realize you offer

To the wrong people

It is ok

Correct it

Go in another direction

Make a different choice

Without judgments of you

You are safe and free

To make any choice

At any given moment

As you wish to

We only slip when we choose

To cut off our own awareness

Choose your awareness again

With kindness to you

Before you decide to assist someone

Choose to pause and ask yourself

Some of these questions

Does this person desire to change?

Is this person committed to change?

What does this person need?

Can I help this person?

In what way that works

For them and me?

Get a sense of the energies

Of lightness and heaviness

For your awareness

With each question

What if choosing your lightness

Is true caring for you and them?

What if true caring is

Sometimes you gotta leave them

Where they need to be

If and when neeeded

Giving them space

Allowing them to be

With their freedom to choose

In their own unique path

At their own pace

That is right for them

Without judgments of them and you?

What if true caring is

Choosing to stop making you wrong

Choosing to keep going

Choosing to trust your knowing

Choosing to trust you

Choosing to honor you

Choosing to shine your light

Choosing to glow your soul

Offering everything you have and be

To those who are looking for you

To those who need your talents and gifts

To those who appreciate them

To those who can’t wait

To receive from you?

What if your life journey

That you have been walking

That has awakened your soul

To the core

That has got you to dig

For the deepest depth of your soul

As far as you could go

That has got you to find

Your way back Home to YOU

Is to assist and lead the way

For those who have a strong desire

To search for their own souls

To open their own gifts

To find their way back Home to them?

They are your right people

They are your right audience

They can relate to you, and

You can get them

Like nobody else

Even without words

As you have been there

Once you are ready and willing

To be the gift that you are born to be

With every fibre of your being,

You will open the door

To all the right people