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Commitment To You

How many times did you commit

To others and things

Other than YOU?

How many commitments

Have you made

To please others

Other than YOU?

How many commitments

Have you made

To all the beliefs

That aren’t true

About you?

How many people

Did you commit to

That kept you stuck?

What if you are the only one

You need to be committed to?

What if you commit to

Your magnificent soul and God within

No matter what others say or don’t say

No matter what others do or don’t do?

It doesn’t matter

Who cheers you up

Who cheers you on

Who supports you

Who understands you

Who hears you

Who is with you

To propel you

To fulfill your dreams

People can come and go in your life

The person who stays with you

For the rest of your life


If you don’t have anyone

As your personal support system,

What if it is your soul and God

Calling you back to YOU

Your infinite Source within?

What if it is because you are

More than capable of

Of being that for you?

What if it is exactly what you need

To acknowledge what you are capable of

To gift you everything you never had

To reclaim everything that is YOU?

What if it is your very power

To choose to rise above it all

With your eloquent voice,

Loud as thunder

To the Universe,

Of commiting to YOU

Of choosing to trust you

No matter what?

What if you are everything

There is for you

As your soul and God

Have everything you need

At all times

At any given moment you choose

What if that is the key

To your freedom

To your joy

You are born to be?

You are your biggest supporter

You are your biggest cheerleader

You are your biggest believer


All it takes is your saying

‘I choose me

No matter what’

Especially if you feel like

Seeking external sources

Other than YOU

Then keep going

Keep doing what you love

Keep lighting up your candle

Keep burning your fire

That sings to your soul

Keep inspiring and empowering you

Keep inspiring and empowering others

Keep lightening up your and their worlds

Until all the cutting words

Until all the killing voices

Until all the loud noises

That are not yours

Fade away

Until all those who aren’t right for you

Fall away

And no longer are in your world

Until all you hear

Is just your heart, soul and God

Louder than everything else

Until all you see ahead

Clear like the central sun

Is the horizon of infinite stars

Sparkling and twinkling

Shining and burning

Magical and miraculous

Bright and spectacular

With tears of joy

Waiting for you

You have come so far

You are going in the right direction

Of coming back Home with YOU.

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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