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Dive Deep To Fly High

How many times were you

Not allowed to cry growing up?

How many times did get you

Get beat, shamed and

Made into nothing if you cried?

How many times did you

Only allow you to cry alone

And silently without a sound

To make sure nobody could see

Or hear you in order to survive?

How many times did you bury

Deeper and deeper all that pain

With your silent inner cry

To the level where you numbed

All of your feelings and emotions

And no longer knew who you were

In this world?

Did you find yourself

Smile and laugh on autopilot

When you were around people

And cried alone for no reason

Behind the closed doors

Wondering what was wrong with you

Thinking you were crazy

With all the fears and doubts

With all the sadness boiling up

Having total confusion as to

Who you truly were

To the level where

You thought you never knew

What joy and happiness truly was

That all you knew was

Pain and sadness?

Is it really true?

Does it feel heavier or lighter for you?

As an infinite being

As an eternal soul

That God created you to be,

Would you choose grief and sorrow?

Would you choose fears and doubts?

Or is it what you perceived

From everybody else,

Especially those whom you loved

Thought it was you and

Bought it was yours

When it actually wasn’t?

How much of it belonged to you?

Less than 1% or more than 1%?

How much of it belonged to others?

A little, a mega ton latte or all of it?

What if your funny, joyful part

That you appear to others

That you thought as a facade

Is actually the truth of who you are?

What if the other side of you

With all the pain and sadness

That was never allowed to express

Is what you were trained

To cut off your total being?

Have you noticed

No matter whatever cruelty

And unkindness was done

To destroy you

Could never stop your pure heart

Could never stop your pure light

Could never stop your pure joy

Could never stop your beautiful smile

Could never stop your resilient strength

Of a magnificent soul that you truly be

Whether you were conscious of it or not?

Everything that doesn’t allow you

To acknowledge that truth about you,

Will you please uncreate, delete

and destroy it all?

What if that painful part of you

That was never allowed

To be expressed

Isn’t the truth of who you are

Yet is your essential part

That needs to be heard

That needs to be seen

That needs to be acknowledged

That needs to be dived deep

In order for all of the pain,

Sadness, grief and sorrow

To be felt

To be processed

To be transformed

To be liberated

Into the fullness of YOU

The joy you truly be?

What if that part holds the key

To your total freedom to be YOU?

Would you like to know that

That you are safe

To feel any pain

To feel any sorrow

To grieve what you were

Never allowed to grieve

To cry and weep

As much as you’d like

As loud as you’d like

Make a sound for your pain

Feel it in your body

It needs to be heard

Let it out in full capacity

In a safe and supportive space

Just for YOU?

Would you like to know that

You are way more capable

Of doing and being that for you

With your soul and God

As your eternal love and healing

For you?

Your healing journey can be

A bumpy road

It is not always

Filled with roses and flowers

All the way

If you hold on to

So much stuff

For far too long,

There might be times

You might feel down low

Sad or even empty

You might feel strange

Not being sure

Where you are standing

No longer relating to

People and things

That you used to

That might get you to wonder,

What this is

If you are going backwards

What’s wrong with this

What is going on with you

You are supposed to feel great,

High as a kite,

Now that you have let go

Of so many lies, masks

And body armors that

Aren’t true about you

What if what is right

About all of it that

You haven’t considered?

What if what is right about you

That you are not acknowledging?

What if both high and low

Are part of your healing journey

To reclaiming the fullness of your soul?

What if your willingess and courage

To feel all the unbearable pain

To feel all the deep sorrow and grief

To flow the ocean of tears

That you weren’t allowed to shed

Is to let your pure joy

Permeate into your heart

Into every area of your life and living

Through every cell of your body

With every fibre of your being

As the full expression of your soul

That God created you to be?

What if that is you diving deep

Into all the darkest

Places and spaces

That aren’t true about you

In order for

The precious and rare

Gigantic and sparkling diamond

That you truly be

To be unearthed and

Shine brilliantly

Way more than

The central Sun?

Would you like to receive that

You know what it feels like

To recognize and acknowledge

To be safe and familiar

With your new real YOU

As an innate natural

You are born to be

Your total being

Your total space

Your total freedom

Your infinite lightness

Your pure joy

Your God’s magical symphony

In every molecule of the Universe

For all eternity and back?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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