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Divine Timing

Have you ever felt frustrated

Thinking things don’t go

As fast as you would like

Or don’t go as you expect?

It’s normal to feel frustrated

What matters is to be aware

Of that frustration

That makes you feel heavy

And choose your truth

Which is light for you

It is a process and practice of

Choosing over and over again

What brings lightness for you

Great things do take time

Give yourself time and space

Without rushing the process

Without pushing the process

Without forcing the process

Without forcing a fruit to ripen

When it is still green

You are ready when you are ready

You learn when you learn

You grow and evolve

At your own pace

In your own way

At your own timetable

There is always a divine timing

You will know beyond logic

From your heart and soul

When it is right for you

Only YOU know

Nobody else

That’s how powerful you are

You are in the perfect place

From wherever you are

With whatever you choose

No matter what happens outside of you

Whether you believe it or not

Greatness is coming your way

In the meantime,

Trust the process

Allow the process

Build your fortress

With a strong foundation

That is YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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