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Dream Big

No salary

No people to hang on to

No safety net

But just a huge dream

With your soul and life purpose

Yes, it is scary

Yes, it is uncomfortable

Wondering how you could survive

Yet, that very experience

Is the very gift

That challenges you

To the core

To the level where

You surrender

Let go

Lean into

Relax into

And trust more in the unknown

That you can’t get otherwise

That is choosing YOU

That is committing to you

In the face of hardship and challenges

Keep following your heart

Keep following your soul

Keep trusting in you

Keep believing in you

Keep believing in your huge dream

Knowing that you are getting there

No matter what

At your own pace

In your own way

With your own path

Your heart and soul are massive

They have always been guiding you

Even when you don’t feel like it

Your huge dream is your greatness within

It is the truth of who you are

You are born with it

It is your birthright

You are a gift

You are a miracle to life

With your very breath

With your very existence

With all the gifts and talents

With all infinite possibilities

That God created you to be

As the expression of God

Flowing through you

Your very being and body

On planet Earth

You are life itself

The whole world is waiting for you

To get to see the magnificent YOU

Shining your brilliantly bright star

That you are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

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