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Everyone is at a different level of consciousness

When you hear or say ‘I love you’

What does it mean to you?

It can mean a certain way to you And a different way to another person Based on our own perception Coming from our own experiences ‘Love’ has thousands of definitions People can only love at their own level of consciousness That includes abuse Your parents or loved ones can say ‘I love you’ Yet they might beat you or do different kinds of abusive behaviour Thinking and believing that is loving you They do believe that they love you They don’t mean to harm you Most of them mean well They can’t give us what they can’t give to themselves They can only love at their level of consciousness Is it their fault? No Is it your fault? No If we hold on to ‘they do me wrong. It’s injustice’ We keep ourselves stuck This is not about self-blame or self-shame Or blaming those who have hurt us This is taking full responsibility for your own life By doing our own inner work Of feeling, releasing anger, rage, guilt, shame, grief, sadness, whatever doesn’t serve us for our growth and evolution

Finding our own truth and wisdom And making choices that empower us and give us freedom for our own life To move forward for....YOU It sets you and everyone else free That is exactly what empowerment and allowance is Allow people to be Allow things to be Not from wrongness or rightness But from total freedom to be YOU Choose more of you and all of YOU That is your total freedom That is your total fulfillment That is your total happiness That is your total joy, bliss, peace and ease That is your total victory and glory That is your total magic and miracles It all starts with you first, always You got this. One step at a time.

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