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Falling in love with you

Let’s tap into the energies of

Giving and taking

Gifting and receiving

For a moment

Which one feels lighter for you?

With giving and taking,

It feels a lot heavier

There are expectations in it

Based on the condition,

I give you something,

I expect you to give me back

With something else

Whether we are conscious of it or not

Therefore resentment will build up

When something is not returned

As expected over time

Let’s tap into the energies of

Gifting and receiving

There is no expectation in it

There is no condition in it

There is lightness in it

There is flow in it

There is ease in it

There is freedom in it

There is allowance in it

That is the beauty and power

Of gifting and receiving

It lifts your spirit up

It expands your soul

It opens your heart

It gives you joy

Coming from within

You gift coming from

Your freedom to choose

You gift simply because you can

You gift simply because you choose to

You gift simply because you want to

Not because you need to

Not because you are supposed to

In other words,

You gift others for YOU

Not for the need of

Others’ love or approval

Need comes with expectations

Freedom comes with choice

It applies the same way

In every relationship

If you have the desire

To have a loving relationship

Where one would love you

Care for you

Support you

Empower you

Appreciate you, and

Understand you

What if that is the very relationship with you?

What if you could gift and receive

YOU first

Fully and completely?

With choosing you first

With putting you first

With honoring you first

With appreciating you first

With being kind to you first

With being loving to you first

With being caring to you first

With seeking to understanding you first

With no expectations of you

With no conditions of you

That you have to be a certain way

In order to be ok?

It is when you set you free

From the need of others

To fulfill you

Without anger

Without resentment

It is when you will know

What you will allow or won’t allow

What you will tolerate or won’t tolerate

Because you honor you

Because you love you first

If you feel like nobody understands you,

What if it is the very gift and drive

For you to receive all of YOU

With seeking to understand you first?

If you had never known

What love truly was

Without abuse or pain

Without suffering or disempowerment

Train yourself all over again

Teach yourself all over again

You are capable of doing and being that

Because you are that Source of love

Flowing infinitely within you

Talk with God within you

Express yourself with God within you

All of your thoughts, feelings, emotions

Any and all limitations

Leaving them all to God

Allowing God to set you free

Allow God to teach you

What love truly is

God hears you

God feels you

God understands you

Like nobody else

On this planet Earth

With no judgments of you

With no expectations of you

With no conditions of you

That you have to be a certain way

In order to be loved

Because God is YOU

That is building your relationship with you

That is building your relationship with God

It is a practice

It is a process

It is a journey

Of coming Home with YOU

Of coming Home with God

Of falling in love with YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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