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Forgiveness or Freedom

Just feel into the energies of the words

Which one feels lighter is true for you

Have you ever found yourself saying you forgave someone

Yet you still felt all the hurts, anger, or resentment towards them?

The dynamic of the relationship didn’t change?

What did you define as forgiveness that actually isn’t?

What if forgiveness has been approached from outside in instead of inside out?

What if it is not about whom you forgive or don’t forgive outside of you?

But it is you who needs to set you free from

All the judgments of you first and foremost?

How much of your life have you spent

Judging yourself and making you wrong

For every choice you’ve made?

What if you have done nothing wrong to be forgiven?

What if others have done nothing wrong to be forgiven

Even if it is something you might perceive unforgivable either for you or them?

It is our judgments of ourselves and others that make it so

When you say ‘I am sorry to someone’, are you asking for and waiting on their forgiveness

To be able to forgive yourself and to be approved?

Or you have already set you free

From self-guilt, self-shame and self-blame

And you say sorry to let them know

You appreciate them

You appreciate your relationship with them

You acknowledge how they feel

And what can you do to make up for the damage done?

That is your strength

Your courage

Your vulnerability

Your authenticity

Your pure love right there

What if it is not about forgiveness but about what can be done to change the situations?

By your deep inner work to process

Allow your unresolved thoughts, feelings and emotions within you to come up

To flow through you

To transform them into your pure awareness

Your natural state of being

And make empowering choices

That set you and others free

For you to move on and forward with your life

What if ‘forgiveness’ is just another word

For ‘freedom’

Freedom from judgments of you

Freedom from judgments of others

Freedom to be you

Freedom to be them

Without wrongness or rightness

It just is


Inner peace with yourself

Pure consciousness

Infinite, pure, God within’s love

In her best-selling book ‘Dying To Be Me’ by Anita Moorjani - a popular author, speaker and spiritual teacher

She had terminal cancer, literally died and had a near-death experience

She chose to come back to life and healed the cancer herself naturally within a couple of weeks when she got forgiveness on a whole different level in that super-consciousness state

She said: ‘I realized that within that infinite, nonjudgmental realm, there’s actually no need to forgive myself or anybody else. We’re all perfect, exquisite children of the Universe, and we exist out of pure love’.

What if there is nothing or nobody to forgive

But just to come back and remember our truth

That we are pure, God within’s love?

That is the gateway to

Your infinite freedom to be YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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