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Full Self-Responsibility

What does it mean when you hear this word?

Doing what you think you are supposed to do

Doing what you are told to do According to any role you play? Punishing yourself For whatever mistakes you make? Taking on others’ stuff When it’s not yours? What did you define As full self-responsibility That actually isn’t? Do you find yourself Getting triggered Or your button being pressed Like anger, frustration, guilt The list goes on and on When someone says or does a certain thing? What if they are just the reminders To let you know that There is something Going on in you That needs to heal? What if the triggers Are the very gifts To set you free? It is ok to feel uncomfortable With triggers or pain Just be aware And choose what empowers you What if you could turn the triggers Into drive Into fuel As your burning desire To get to know the real YOU Your soul Your God within Your genius within? What if you could welcome them With excitement Knowing that you can’t wait To see your soul To reclaim your power and potency Your greatness beneath them all By choosing to feel the pain? There is no shortcut There is no other way As JuanPa said We gotta ‘feel to heal’ That is full self-responsibility That is full commitment to YOU No matter what it takes No matter what tools you need No matter how long it takes To feel to move through And beyond triggers and pain To be your infinite freedom And reclaim all of YOU You got this. One step at a time.

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