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Give Your Soul A Rest

If you push yourself so hard

Trying to get things done

Trying to make things happen

At all times,

Thinking if you don’t,

You wouldn’t move ahead,

How much of that energy

Makes your heart heavy

Your soul weary

And your body tired?

What if it is your soul

Speaking to you that

Let’s let it all go

Unplug it all

Let’s take a break

Let’s take a rest

From all the pressure

From all the pushing

That is not working?

Allow you to go at your pace

Acknowledge you for where you are

Appreciate you for

All the hard work you have done

You have done amazing

Whether you believe it or not

Allow you to stop and rest

When you need to

Knowing that

You are so worthy and deserving of it

Resting is not quitting

It is not slowing you down

It is allowing you to be

It is loving you

It is trusting you

It is honoring you

It is kindness to you

It is appreciation for you

It is unwinding

It is recharging

It is rejuvenating

It is reboosting the energy of

Your unstoppeable soul

For a comeback

Stronger and greater

More awake and alive

At a much faster speed

Of a lion king

With more joy and fun

Than ever before

For your infinite epic journey

Of a true legendary

To rise and soar

Called the magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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