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God's Eternal Blessing as YOU

If you grew up with abuse as a child,

In any shape or form

Each time your authorities beat you,

Guilted, shamed you and

Made you into nothing

For whatever so-called mistakes you made,

Verbally and non-verbally,

They would say, it is because

They loved you and cared about you,

Or each time they rewarded you

With affection and things, they'd say

It's because you were being a good child,

So they loved you

Does it sound familiar?

As a result of it, how much of your life

Have you spent believing that

Love means this punishment-reward system,

Love means pain, and pain means love,

Love means no pain, no gain

Love means macho up, you must not cry

You must not fear

Crying and fear is weak

Get over with it already

You must not laugh too much

You must not cry too much

You must not feel too much

You must think too much

You must not talk too much

As though too much of anything

Is a judgable crime,

In order to get the so-called love,

You have to pay with suppressing you,

With guilt and shame,

With punishment?

How much of your life

Have you experienced

Pain after pain

Heartache after heartache

Tears after tears

Bleeding in your veins

From relationship to relationship

In every area of your life

During your adulthood

Thinking and believing

Pain is all you know

Pain is all there is for you

It becomes your normal reality

This is how you are supposed to live

This is the total sum of your life,

And that is it for you?

Is it true?

Does it feel light or heavy as hell for you?

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie

As the golden child of God that you are

As Oneness with God as God that you are,

You are born to have and be joy

You are born to be happy and free

It is your God's birthright

It is what God desires for you,

Not suffering

Not being anybody else

Other than YOU

So what did you define as love and life

That actually isn't?

And how much of the lie that

Love means pain, pain means love

Life means pain, pain means life

Is what you perceived, picked up

And took on as your own

From all those who taught you and

Anybody else, your society, culture,

You name it,

When it wasn't?

A little, a lot or all of it?

How many lifetimes have you bought

And carried it around as yours,

Repeating lifetime after lifetime

When it wasn't even yours

From the first place?

Everything that is, would you like

To uncreate, delete, destroy and

Return it all to senders please?

If you truly believed

Life is pain, and that's it for you,

You wouldn't have been here

Keeping standing

Keeping walking

Keeping finding your truth

Keeping going for you

Because you know

Life as pain is not the way to live

There is something else possible

There is something else

Way greater than this

You deserve way better than this

You deserve all the best

The world and God have to offer you

What is it that you know

You are searching for?

You are searching for happiness

You are searching for total freedom

What if that happiness and total freedom


Without conditions

Without having to be anybody else

Without rewards and punishment

Without guilt and shame?

Does it feel lighter for you?

What if you know the 'no pain no gain' system

With suppressing, denying, minimizing,

Dismissing, ignoring and

Neglecting your own pain

That you were taught

No longer works for you?

What if it is safe and possible to feel pain

Instead of suppressing it?

What if feeling it fully

Opens up to infinite possibilities

That you know are always possible?

It is this deep pain beyond words

That has become fuel

That has turned into

An unquenchable flame

Burning deep within you

That gets you to keep going

To ride this epic journey of a warrior

To discover your truth

To receive your pure heart

And reclaim YOU

It is this deep pain that allows you to receive

How gigantic, loving and caring

You and your heart are

It is this deep pain that allows you to

To receive your total allowance of you to be

It is this deep pain that allows you

To deeply understand others' pain

And allow them to be

It is this deep pain that allows you to

To smash lies out of existence

To awake and remember your soul and God

It is this deep pain that allows you to receive

How strong and powerful you innately are

From your pure heart

This is when pain becomes a blessing

When we are ready and willing to seize it

This is the ultimate purpose of pain

It is not here as a curse

It is not here to hold on to it

It is not here to suffer as a punishment

It is not here to repeat it over and over again

As a necessity in order to call it a life

It is not life

It is survival and abuse

You are not here to suffer abuse,

What if you are not here to just survive,

But to thrive and shine your light

In full force

With joy and ease?

What if this is the true life you are meant to live?

Because that life is God's light

Because that life is God's pure love

Because that life is YOU

Would you like to receive it all for you?

Would you like to receive that

You are free to and cry

As much as you would like?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible for you

To feel pain deeply

To allow it to be

With kindness and gentleness

To embrace it wholeheartedly

To hold space for it fully

To be vulnerable with it completely

To crack your heart open

To merge your heart

As One with God

Whole and complete

Bright and brilliant

Joyful and blissful

Magical and miraculous

Alive and awake

Spectacular and glorious

Absolutely and totally free

Spreading your wings

Wide and open

Shining your light for all eternity

As God's magnificent phoenix

As God's warrior of spirit

As God's sparkling pearl

As God's eternal life

Called the Magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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