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Home In Your Heart

That love is divinity

That love is serenity

That love is pure beauty

That love is pure joy

That love is pure bliss

That love is pure ectasy

That love is pure essence

That love is pure light

Whole and complete

Abundant and fulfilled

For no reason at all

Not through anybody else

Not through anything else

Other than that Ultimate Source

Within each one of us

That we are all born to be

It takes practice

It takes willingness

It takes commitment

It takes conviction

It takes dedication

It takes devotion

To practice daily

To transcend beyond

The mind and the body

To awaken

To remember

To reconnect with

To embody

And to be our total being

Regardless of whatever challenges

Are going on around us

You can do it

As long as it is your burning desire

To remember and reclaim all of YOU

Because you know

Deep in your heart and soul

That love is YOU

With God and as God within

Keep going, my beautiful soul

You are on your way

Coming Home with YOU

Imagine what would it be like

To be Home with you

At this very moment

Through every cell of your body

With your heart wide open

With every fibre of your being

Blossoming as thousands of lotuses?

What if it is safe and possible for you?

What if this is the way to live and to be?

All it takes is your whole-hearted YES

To the entire Universe that

This is what you desire

Then it is sealed, done and delivered

And coming your way

In whatever shape or form

Even when it doesn’t feel or look like it

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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