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How Far You Have Come

Have you ever felt crippled

By the deep pain beyond words

Of the past inflicted upon you

By all those whom you loved

And trusted most?

Have you ever had the thoughts that

You have been on your healing journey

For so long and wondered

When you would be completely free

From all this deep pain, sadness,

Grief and sorrow?

Have you ever felt that

You can’t wait till the day

You are completely free from

All this deep pain of the past?

If you spent most of your life

Suppressing all of your thoughts,

Feelings, emotions, pain and voice,

To the level where you no longer

Knew who you were

To the level where you no longer

Knew what you wanted in life

To the level where you weren’t aware

You were feeling angry

When you did feel angry

To the level where you weren’t aware

You were feeling sad

When you did feel sad

To the level where all you knew

Was guilt, shame and pain

That you longer wanted to exist

And stopped existing all together,

It doesn’t take forever,

Yet it does take a while

To set you free from all damage done

If you have felt deep pain

For a long while,

It is ok

There is no timeframe

There is no constriction on it

Allow you to feel it fullly

Deep in your heart

With every fibre of your being

Whenever it arises

Cry like a river

As long as you need

Without any judgment of you

That much unbearable pain in your heart

Is that much love and beyond

You have and be for YOU

That is YOU healing you right there

That is your inner healer right there

Healing is not an overnight thing

It is not taking a certain course or program

It is not taking workshop after workshop

It is not reading book after book

It is not studying modality after modality

It is not listening to

Teacher after teacher,

Guru after guru,

Looking for answers from

Everybody else other than YOU,

Then you are healed,

There is nothing wrong with all of it

All of it is nice and great

As part of the healing journey,

Yet inner healing does take

So much inner work on our part,

Our willingness to sit with ourselves

Our willingness to make our own time

For ourselves to dig deep

Our willingness to acknowledge

All the lies we tell ourselves

Our willingness to feel all the

Uncomfortable feelings and pain

No matter how unbearable it can be

Our willingness to acknowledge

We are wrong about

Whatever we believe

Our willingness to acknowledge

The ugly truth besides all the goodness

As much as possible

Each and everyday

In order to be free

Instead of being right

And getting stuck

With our own limitations

Only we ourselves can do this work

For our true healing from deep within

No program

No book

No teacher

No whoever and whatever else

Outside of us can do it for us

You are your ultimate Source

You are the only one who sets you free

You are the only one who acknowledges

And appreciates you

When nobody else can

You are the only one who knows

What is true and light for you

You are the only one who knows

What you require and desire,

You are the only one who trusts YOU

Before anybody else

And that is really a choice

If you ever have doubts

You are still far away from your healing,

The fact that you still choose to exist

The fact that you still choose to fight for you

The fact that you still are standing here

The fact that you still choose to keep going

With or without anybody else in your life

The fact that you are willing to go there

Allowing you to start to be able to feel

All the thoughts, feelings and emotions

Start to speak your truth and your voice

Taking YOU back

One step at a time

One choice at a time

That you thought you never could

The fact that you are willing to

Go there and feel the unbearable pain

That you buried for so long

That most people do everything

They can to avoid,

That is the hardest job to do

On this planet Earth

Yet you have been doing it

You are a badass like nobody else

You are willing to be different

You know where you are going

For your total freedom

Your incredible effort and non-stop

Fight for you and your total being

Is what has brought you here

Far beyond what you are willing

To acknowledge

Would you like to acknowledge

And appreciate everything

You have been doing for you

And everywhere you have been for you

Before and more than anybody else can?

When you never give up on you,

You are and always will be moving forward

Even if you don’t feel like it

If you were crawling in the past,

Now you are walking,

If all you could do is crawling right now,

Keep going at your own pace

Before you know it,

You will be running and flying

With your gigantic wings

As God’s magnificent phoenix

For your total freedom

With your total awareness

With your inner knowing

With your conscious choice

At any given moment you choose

As your eternal inner compass

Time and again

You are God’s unstoppable warrior

Of infinite truth and wisdom

Of infinite power and potency

Of infinite kindness and gentleness

For all eternity and back.

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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