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If you repeatedly feel wrong in your environment, this is for you...

Let’s say you live in a group of 100 people. If you are the only one who thinks, feels and functions differently among 100 people while the rest thinks and feels the same, then they make you wrong, spoken or unspoken, for being different, does it mean you are wrong, they are right? Or does it just mean that you are in the wrong crowd?

Let’s look at Jesus. He was punished and crucified. People were against him. He never made himself wrong no matter what happened. He didn’t buy into their lie of making him wrong either even with punishment and crucificion. He still trusted his knowing, his truth, who he was, and that he’s the son of God. What if you are the only who is aunthetic, genuine and telling your truth while everybody else in your environment can’t handle your truth because they can’t handle their own truth or don’t even want to know what their truth is? So stop trying to be normal and like everybody else when you are not. Stop buying into the lie that you are wrong that you perceive from everybody else. Stop making yourself wrong just because you are different in an attempt to make wrongness right in order to fit in. It never works because the truth is that there is nothing wrong with you in the first place. Stop trying to dim your light, suppress your being, your voice to fit in with the environment and people who are not right for you. You are different and not like everybody else. You are unique. There is only ONE like you. Leave the herd. Be willing to be the leader of your own path, your own herd with those who are right for you. Start your own herd. Join a different herd that welcomes and receives you. Explore. Go on an adventure. You’ll meet those who resonate with your heart and your soul. It starts with you first. Always... Your power and freedom to choose to break you free from all limitations and just be YOU. One step at a time. You got this.

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