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Ignite Others' Light

If someone feels down,

Lift them up

With your beacon of light

If someone doesn’t feel confident

In themselves and their abilities

Empower them by

Telling them the truth

The greatness you see in them

If someone doesn’t feel heard

Embrace them with your warmth

And open arms

Letting them know

You are listening

If someone doesn’t feel safe

Embrace them

Giving them a sense of safety

Gentleness, kindness and tenderness

Coming from your heart and soul

Allow them to be

Allow them to flow

Ignite their inner power

From wherever they are

Let them know

They are seen

They are heard

They are honored

They are appreciated

With your very presence

Leave them unforgetable memories within

Of how magnificent they are

One of them includes YOU

You are capable of being

All that for you

Therefore for others

You are a brilliant light

That radiates and ignites

Others’ brilliant light

That you touch

From all walks of life

You got this. One step at a time.


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