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What would you feel like without fears?

What would you feel like without worries?

What would you feel like without frustration?

What would you feel like without confusion?

What would you feel like without feeling stuck

Or any other thoughts and feelings

Emotions and beliefs

That disempower you?

Would you feel totally free?

Would you feel light?

Would you feel expansive?

Would you feel spacious?

Would you feel happy?

Would you feel joyful?

Would you feel powerful?

Would you feel unstoppable?

Would you feel all of the above and more?

What if it is the truth of who you are?

What if it is what your soul feels like?

What if it is what your infinite being feels like?

What if it is what your God within feels like?

What if it is what your Source feels like

At any given moment

That you choose?

As God’s infinite being

As God’s magnificent soul

You are aware of everything

You are aware of everybody else’s

Thoughts, feelings and emotions

You are everywhere

You are lightness

You are expansion

You are space

You are pure consciousness

You have no limitations

Does that feel light for you?

As human beings

We all have thoughts, feelings, emotions

That either keep us feeling light or heavy

Does it mean that

We must only feel light

We must not feel heavy

At all times?


It is about your willingness

To be aware of what is going on

Especially when you feel heavy

To be in total allowance of

However you feel and work with it

With your conscious choice

To use any and all tools you got

To be aware

Of the limitations and lies

Of the conclusions and decisions

That you might have made or

Bought from everybody else

That no longer work for you now

To uncreate them and

Choose something different

If you wish to

Whenever you feel heavy

Choose to ask yourself

Some of these questions

‘When was the first time

I felt this way?

Who does this belong to?

Is it mine?

Is it someone else’s?

Is it something else’s?’

Get a sense of the energies

Of lightness and heaviness

For each question

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie for you

Your awareness is in a split second

Right when you ask the questions

It is that fast

Would you like to know

What it feels like

To be aware of your awareness

With total ease

Without having to figure it out

Without having to think

Without having to doubt yourself

Without fear of being wrong

Without making you wrong

For your own awareness

That makes you YOU?

With your total awareness

With your inner knowing

With your infinite wisdom

With your total clarity,

You can shift and transform

What limits you that fast

And make a totally different choice

From a totally different place

That you truly be

You are that powerful

Your infinite awareness is the key

To your infinite freedom

Would you like to know

What infinite freedom feels like

To be your power

To be your joy

To be your fun

To be your happiness

To be your ease

To be your lightness

From your own soul

From your own God

Within YOU

Through every cell

Of your body?

All it takes is your YES

As that is YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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