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Infinite Ocean For Your Magnificent Soul

If you went through so much abuse,

How much of your life were you

Made wrong and into nothing

For all your beauty and uniqueness

For all your quirks and strengths

That make you YOU

When all those who taught you,

Your parents, family, authority figures

Anybody else and everybody else around you,

Weren’t capable of seeing, hearing

And receiving you and your gifts?

How much of YOU have you

Made you wrong and rejected

All of your gifts, capabilities and abilities

Because of it?

Some of YOU, or all of YOU?

How many times in your life

Have you repeated the same pattern

Of talking to all the wrong people for you

Who can’t hear you or receive

Your abilities and gifts either

Even though you have so much

To offer to change their world

For greater possibilities

Because they don’t want to change?

How much of your life have you bought

All the lie of your quirks and strengths

Your beauty and uniqueness as wrongness

From all those who taught you

Because they expected and tried to mold you

Into them, everybody else and everything else

When you were not according to

Their expectations and standards?

Could they mold you?


Could they squash all the greatness

About you, of you and as YOU?


Could they shut you up?


Could they dim your light?


Because you are still standing here

Reclaiming your truth

Reclaiming your voice

Reclaiming your gifts

Reclaiming your capabilities

Reclaiming your capacities

Reclaiming your abilities

Reclaiming your joy

Reclaiming your greatness

That is YOU

So everything you have done to

Purchase all the rightness and

Brilliance about you as wrongness

As real, true and yours when it wasn’t,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy

And return it all to senders please?

Would you like to receive from

From your soul and God within you that

You know what it feels like

To acknowledge your talents and gifts

To receive your talents and gifts

To appreciate your talents and gifts

To gift your talents and gifts to

Those who are right for you

Those who are open to receive you

Those who are capable of receiving you

Those who are hungry for true change

Those who are hungry for transformation

Those who are hungry for truth

Those who are hungry for their own souls

Those who are hungry for their sacred heart

Those who are hungry

For a completely different reality

Beyond this reality

Beyond this world

Beyond what they know

Beyond everything that has ever been taught

Those who are hungry for infinite expansion

Those who are hungry for infinite lightness

Those who are hungry for infinite awareness

Those who are hungry for infinite possibilities

Those who are hungry for the infinite ocean

Those who are hungry for the infinite universe

And are willing to do whatever it takes

To reclaim their total being and greatness?

Because that is exactly

Who you are, what you are

And the wonder of your life journey

Remembering, reclaiming and embodying

Your total being and greatness

That is how different you are

How spectacular you are

How gifted you are

How capable you are

How creative you are

How adventurous you are

How inspiring you are

How empowering you are

How magical you are

How miraculous you are

How marvelous you are

How phenomenal you are

How extraordinary you are

With listening to your heart

And receiving all of YOU

Your infinite ocean

Your magnificent YOU

For all eternity and back

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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