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Joy For You

Whatever you choose,

Choose it for you

Not because you have to do it for others

While cutting off pieces and parts of you

Not because you have to do it

To get certain results

To get certain accomplishments

In order to prove you are good enough

You do it as you love doing it for you

You do as it is fun for you

You do it as it is joy for you

You do it as it is ease for you

You do it as it is light for you

You do it as it lifts you up

You do it as it empowers you

You create your own masterpieces

You enjoy your own masterpieces

You appreciate your own masterpieces

As they bring you joy

No matter others like them or not

That is you appreciating YOU

That is you enjoying YOU

That is you liking YOU

That is you believing in YOU

That is your enoughness right there

Nothing else but joy and fun for YOU

Keep choosing you for you

Keep doing what you love

The more you do and be that for you

Regardless of any doubts or fears

Regardless of anybody else

Believing in you or not,

The more you believe in you

The more you trust you

To the level where

Nobody and nothing

Can ever shake you

It is your journey

Of mastering your

Total trust in you

Grounding and trusting

Just like a gigantic tree

With its deepest roots

To the core of Mother Earth

With its entire being

Reaching the Central Sun

And beyond

Out, about and everywhere

With the entire Universe

That is your magnificent YOU

With your loving choices for YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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