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Keep It Alive

What makes your heart sing?

What lifts up your being?

What expands your soul?

What nurtures your spirit

And contributes to

Everyone else around you?

What is it that you might think

It is nothing

Everybody can do it

When it is actually

Your huge gigantic gift,

Makes you different

From everybody else

And be a genius

You are born to be?

What is it that

Even when you do it for free

You still love it so much, and

Just do and be it again and again

No matter what the circumstances are?

That is your passion

That is your soul

That is your fire

That is your inspiration

That is your unlimited energy

Coming from Source

Nurture it

Maintain it

It lifts you up

It brings you joy

It gives you hope

It uplevels your trust

It empowers you

It inspires you

It expands your life

It nurtures your dreams

It fulfills you

That nothing and nobody else can

Keep your dreams alive

Keep your fire burning

From deep within you

No matter what

You are your biggest fan

You are your biggest cheerleader

You are your biggest believer

Of YOU, and

Your own destiny

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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