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That is empowerment to others

Just by kind and empowering words

That remind them of their truth The truth of who they are Especially when they forget to acknowledge Those kind and empowering words lift up their souls and their universe They expand their souls and universe They lift up and expand your own soul as well It makes your heart and soul sing As you come from the highest purpose To lift each other up To empower each other To serve humanity whether you are conscious of it or not You are contributing to the whole planet right now It is huge It is enormous It is gigantic Even if you might think or feel otherwise Just by your generosity of spirit Just by your kind and empowering words To you And others around you With self-kindness, self-empowerment With choosing more of you, all of you and what is true for you With trusting you With trusting God within you, your heart and your soul With kindness, empowerment to others To do the same Together we rise Together we move mountains and the whole planet For its highest growth and evolution You got this. One step at a time.

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