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Listen To You

There are choices

That you make

That you might not feel proud of

That you might feel guilty of

That you might not want to talk about

Thinking or hoping that

If you don’t talk about it,

It will go away,

Yet it just awaits to resurface

Whenever something comes up

That you might feel like

You can’t speak out

You must not speak out

Especially to those who are

Close to you

Your family members

Your friends

You name it

For fear that

You will be judged

As bad or wrong

As more guilt

Does that resonate?

How much of that guilt

Is what you were trained

To go into default

For whatever choices you make

That keeps you stuck

And doesn’t allow you

To be aware of your truth

To be aware of your lightness

That sets you free?

How much of that guilt

Is everybody else’s reality

That you have been carrying

As your own

When it is not even yours?

How much of that fear

Is actually your awareness

Of their judgments of you,

Even before you say anything to them?

How much of that fear

Is actually your intuition

That it’s not safe

To share with them?

Would you be willing to acknowledge

How aware you are?

When someone judges your choices

As good or bad

As right or wrong

As not good enough

As you could have

As you should have

So on and so forth,

Spoken or unspoken,

Whether they are aware of it or not,

How much of that is their

Own judgment of themselves?

How much of that is

Their unconsciousness

Their lack of compassion

Their disempowerment

Their unkindness, and

More of contraction

To your universe

That gets you stuck?

You don’t need any of that

In your life

You are choosing you

You are moving forward

You are reclaiming your life

No matter what

No more exhaustion

No more struggles

No more fighting

No more proving

No more suffering

No more drama

No more trauma

No more self-dishonoring

No more self-abandonment

Enough is enough

Take YOU back

What you need is lightness

What you need is expansion

What you need is allowance

What you need is empowerment

What you need is kindness

What you need is support

What you need is full presence

What you need is emotional availability

What you need is to be heard

Without any wrongness of you

For whatever thoughts, feelings, emotions

For whatever choices you make

You do know who is safe for you

To share with

That is how wise you are

The being that gigantic as you

With such a huge kind heart

With that much of a depth of your soul

Requires beings

With the same capacities

To hold space for you

Keep choosing those who can listen to you

Keep choosing those who are curious

To hear where you come from

Keep choosing those who allow you

To express yourself

Without making you wrong

Keep choosing those who

Inspire and empower you

Lift you up

See the greatness in you

See the pure gigantic heart in you

Regardless of whatever choices you make

Enabling you to find your truth

Enabling you to trust

Your phenomenal awareness

Enabling you to expand your space

Through and beyond

All those lies of guilt

To be your freedom,

And fly

That is your kindness to you

That is listening to you

You got YOU

You got this

One step at a time

- Phuong

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