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Look Up, Hope and Trust Again

When you feel down,

Do you find yourself

Looking down and into

The spiral of the past

Or looking at the present

Up and towards

Your bright, brilliant future

Feeling hope and trust again?

What if you could look up

At the sky

At the sun

The moon and stars

Tapping into their energies

Feeling the vastness

Of the whole Universe

And beyond

Peace and healing

Flow and ease

Abundance and joy

Brightness and brilliance

The magic and miracles

Lightness like a tinker bell

That they have so much to offer you

Allowing yourself to receive them all

With so much appreciation and gratitude

Into your being and body

Remembering that is exactly


You are the moon

The sun




All at the same time

You are that twinkling, sparkling, shiny star

Shining effortlessly



It’s your light

With your name on it

Regardless of the outer layers

All the mud and armors

All the walls and protection

That are not you

Shed and drop them all

At your own pace

With all you got

Hope and trust again

Knowing that

You are safe

You are Home

Wherever you are

Whatever you do

You are God within

You are the whole Universe within

You are infinite expansion

With your human body

That you are moving forward

Towards your ownership of

Your total power and freedom

To choose

To be YOU

What if you are that lightness

Just like a feather

In the air

A gentle breeze

Moving through your skin

And your hair

With so much joy



And infinite freedom

Dancing through life celebrating

True life and living

Called YOU?

You got this. One step at a time.

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