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Love and Total Receiving

Have you ever found yourself loving,

Thefore receiving people and things

When you felt good, high-vibration feelings

And resisting and reacting,

Therefore not receiving when you didn’t?

Have you ever found yourself

Loving someone or something so much that

You held on to them and

Cut off your awareness and receiving of

What was really true for you

What else was possible

And resisted change?

What if, either way is non-receiving

Based on judgment of

Good and bad

Right and wrong

Positive and negative

As the definition of love?

Let’s tap into

The energy of ‘receiving’

There is total allowance to it

There is flow to it

As in flowing through

The very act of feeling pain

Allowing it to flow through you

Is love

That is total receiving

What if love is total receiving

Of whatever and whoever that is

Whether it feels good or bad

High or low

By allowing it to be

To flow through you

Without holding on

To anything or anyone

But just total freedom to be?

What if you could be

In total receiving of

All the ups and downs

All the pain and happiness

All the joy and sadness

All the poverty and wealth

All the lack and abundance

All the darkness and light

All the peace and wars

As all aspects of the Universe

As all aspects of you

All aspects of life

As the sum total of

Your life experiences

That are all gifts from God

For your soul’s growth and evolution

To know, experience and embody

The universal truth

Through your human body that

Love is total receiving

Love is lightness

Love is infinite expansion

Love is infinite freedom

Love is infinite awareness

Love is pure consciousness

Love is God within

Love is YOU

Your very being

Your soul

Love is everything and nothing

Love is the void

The reservoir

The abundance

The flow

Of everything and nothing

Of the unknown

Of infinite possibilities

For the genius

The legendary

The legacy

Of the whole Universe

To be created

Called YOU

YOU are that love

Magnificent and beyond

You got this. One step at a time.

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