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Love you and appreciate you

By not comparing you with others

Comparison is an exhausting game

It never empowers you in any way

Just be aware of it without judgment and stop

Choose another empowering thought for you again

Choose the truth about you again

Appreciate you

Acknowledge you

Say all the beautiful, empowering words to you, truth about you as God created you to be

You are unique

Your uniqueness is your strength

There is nobody else like you

You are enough as you are right now

You are good enough as you are right now

You have done good enough with whatever you have tried to do

You are whole

You are complete

As long as we are human, we are a work in progress

There is always room for growth

So nobody is perfect

Let go of perfectionism

Appreciate you for everything you have done

For every effort you have made, big or small

For where you are right now

For who you are and what you are right now

Fill you with your love and appreciation for you

That is self-love

One moment at a time

One step at a time. You got this.

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