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Our Kingdom of God

How many of you

Were taught that

You could only

Connect with God

Find God

Feel God

Hear God

By going to temples

By going to churches

By going to mosques

And the like?

And if you don’t,

You don’t worship God enough

You aren’t religious enough

You aren’t spiritual enough

You aren’t devoted enough?

How much of that is judgment of you?

How much of that limits

Your connection with God?

What if God is

Nowhere to be found

But within your heart?

What if wherever you go,

That is where God is?

What if you can

Connect with God

Talk with God

Wherever you are?

What if God is your very life force

Flowing through you

Through your very breath

Through your very body

Through your very spirit

Through your very soul

At all times

Whether you have a religion

Whether you go to

Churches or temples

Or not?

What if God has no rules or regulations

That it has to be this or not that

In order to be with God?

What if your connection with God

Your relationship with God

Is stronger and deeper than ever before

When you find and connect with YOU

Your gigantic pure heart

Your magnificent brilliant soul

Your innocent beautiful inner child

Waiting for you to embrace and nurture

Him or her at all times?

That is the relationship with God

From inside out

Our Kingdom of God is within

You are God,

And God is YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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