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Our Safe Home

That is creating a safe space

A safe place

A safe environment A safe Home With unconditional love Unconditional support Huge, enormous, gigantic wings Widely open arms Total allowance For who you and others are For what you and they are For where you and they are For every choice you and they make You are free to fly With whatever choice you make They are free to fly With whatever choice they make If you fall, you know a safe Home to return to If they fall, they know a safe Home to return to No wrongness or rightness No judgment No control Total freedom to be you Total freedom to be them Knowing that we all always have and are A safe Home To lean on at all times It is exactly what God within is For each one of us If you feel all alone, stuck or anything else Fall back to God within With every tear you shed With every pain you feel With every challenges and darkness you face God within got you YOU, your soul, got you It is the exact moments your soul and God within saying Lean on me I got you Leave it to me Let go Trust me Allow me to come into your heart You are safe You are ok I will lead you to our Kingdom Of trust Of kindness Of infinite love Of joy Of bliss Of ease Of magic and miracles Of your infinite capabilities Of your infinite strength and courage Of Home Trust in you Trust in me Trust in life Trust the process I am right there In your heart And around you Everywhere At every moment even when you forget And at this very moment While I embrace your pain I see you I hear you I acknowledge you You are never alone At the the end of the day It is the relationship Between you and God within Between you and YOU, your being In every moment In this lifetime Or any lifetime Create Make Build Strengthen Your relationship with God within Each and everyday God always has your back Even when you don’t hear God within We are here to embody that safe Home for ourselves We are here to do and be that for others It is true self-empowerment and Empowerment to others Total receiving of who and what we are Total freedom to BE Total freedom to fly With our infinitely enormous wings To our Kingdom of God within, our safe Home You got this. One step at a time.

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