Receiving Your Precious Gift

If you were brought up

With any or all kinds of abuse

That got you to believe

With the lies like

‘I am worthless

I am unworthy

I am unloveable

I am not good enough’

To name a few

Carrying them all with you

Thinking it is yours

Believing it is you

Choosing all relationships

Doing things in every area

Of your life

To prove the rightness

Of all those lies

How much of them

Belongs to all those

Who taught you

That you perceived from them

Thought it was you

Thought it was yours

When it actually wasn’t?

As loving and caring as you are

As strong and courageous as you are

As powerful and potent as you are

Even when you were just a kid,

You took it all on

And made it your own

Thinking and believing

It’d make them feel better,

As your gigantic and pure heart

As God’s love that you be,

You wanted to show them

A different possibility

That they didn’t have to disempower

They didn’t have to abuse

They didn’t have to intimidate

They didn’t have to control over

They didn’t have to dominate

To have a sense of power

To have a sense of control

That they could choose different

That they could choose gentleness

That they could choose kindness

That they could choose compassion

That they could choose their God’s light

For themselves and you

Because they are all that

As they are created to be

Would you be willing

To acknowledge

Such a priceless gift

Such a precious being

That you be to them

That they weren’t capable

Of seeing and receiving

Because they weren’t capable of

Seeing and receiving themselves?

Just because they couldn’t receive you

Just because they couldn’t see you

Just because they couldn’t appreciate you

The gift that you be to them

It doesn’t mean that you had no worth

It doesn’t mean that you had no value

It doesn’t mean that you had nothing to offer

It doesn’t mean that you had no talents

It doesn’t mean that you had no gifts

It doesn’t mean that you were nobody

It doesn’t mean that you were nothing

It doesn’t mean that you were unwanted

It doesn’t mean that you were unloved


You are here

Reading these words

God loves you

God sees you

God wants you

God sends you here

For the world to receive

That very gift that you be

So what if

You acknowledge the gift you be

By losing all those

Who aren’t right and light for you

Choosing those who

Are ready and willing

Are capable of receiving you

Your talents and gifts

Everything that you have to offer

Exactly the way you are

Without the need to prove

Without the need to fix

Without the need to take it all on

Without the need to convince

Without the need to cope

Without the need to struggle

Without the need to suffer

At all?

That is your value

That is your worth

By choosing YOU

The more you choose you,