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Reclaim Your Freedom

Have you been told

With things like

You shouldn’t do that

It’s bad

It’s wrong

It’s unacceptable

You always think you are right

Your feelings are wrong

No wonder people don’t like you?

Is it true?

Does it feel heavier or lighter for you?

How much of that was loving and caring?

How much of that was empowering you

To trust you, your feelings and knowing?

How much of it gave you

Total freedom to be YOU?

A little, a lot or none of it?

How much of your life and

How many lifetimes

Have you spent

Making others and

Their points of view

Greater than yours

Doubting your knowing

Doubting your own choices

And therefore doubting YOU

Beating yourself up relentlessly

Wondering what was wrong with you

Just because the majority of people

Thought, believed and

Functioned the same way

While you didn’t

According to their standards

According to their expectations

According to their beliefs

According to their rules and regulations

Therefore they must be right,

And you must be wrong

In order to fit in

In order to belong

In order to be accepted?

Was it even living

Or was it no less than

Imprisonment for you?

Did it clip or

Spread your wings?

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy

All that and

Reclaim your freedom

To be YOU?

You are born extraordinary

That’s why you are that different

From everybody else around you

It is your greatness, not wrongness

How many people in your life

Taught you to

Acknowledge and receive

That truth about you?

A few, a lot or none?

So everywhere you bought the lie

That your greatness was your wrongness

When it actually wasn’t,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy

All that and return it all

To them please?

You are not here to be normal

You are not here to please others

You are not here to sacrifice yourself

You are not here to bend over backwards

To earn for everybody else’s approval

That is not even living

That is suffering

That life is finished and over

It is not even yours

From the first place

Would you like to receive that

You are here to live your life

You are here to live your truth

You are here to speak your voice

You are here to claim your space

You are here to claim your total being

You are here to be YOU

You are here to shine your light

You are here to be different

You are here to be extraordinary

You create your own reality

You live your own reality

Without having to adopt

Anybody else’s realities

If anyone makes you wrong

For your feelings and choices

That makes you feel heavier,

Knowingly or unknowingly,

Just because you are different

From everybody else

Be aware

Come back to your Source

Your soul and God within

Come back to your lightness

Heaviness ain’t belong to you

Heaviness ain’t you

Return it all to senders

Stand your ground

And keep going

Keep trusting your feelings

Keep trusting your intuition

Keep trusting your knowing

Keep trusting your wisdom

Keep living and being YOU

Your lightness and expansion

Your joy and fun

Your dreams and life purpose

Your inspiration and empowerment

Your soul’s and God’s total truth

Regardless of people

Liking you or not

That is YOU liking you right there

That is YOU trusting you right there

That is YOU approving of you right there

That is YOU choosing YOU right there

Nobody and nothing

Has that power

Other than YOU

What if that is exactly

What your entire life journey

Is all about

Choosing and trusting YOU

Embodying and being Home

With YOU

Without having to be anybody else

Without having to think and function

Like anybody else

For their love, acceptance and approval

Other than your own Source

Your magnificent soul

Your infinite God within?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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