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Reclaim Your God's Worth

How much of your life have you spent

With those whom you felt unsafe

To open yourself up with,

Not good enough around,

Unheard, not understood,

Unappreciated, unacknowledged

And unseen?

How much of your life have you spent

Doubting yourself, making you wrong

For even feeling that way?

As a result of it,

How much of your life have you spent

Not appreciating you,

Not acknowledging you,

Not seeing you,

Not hearing you,

Not wanting you,

While bending over backwards,

Giving, giving and giving some more

Until you have nothing left to give

Hoping and waiting that

One day somebody else will change

One day somebody else will see you,

Then you can see you

Thinking and believing that

This is unconditional love?

Is it true?

Does it feel heavy for you?

You are that loving and caring

You are capable of giving that much

And caring that deeply

Yet unconditional love is not

Being a doormat

Unconditional love is not

Treating everybody else kindly

And excluding YOU

Unconditinal love is not

Putting everybody else first

And you second or last

It is accepting less than

It is tolerating

It is unkindness to you

Everywhere you misidentified and misapplied

Unconditional love as tolerance,

Tolerance as unconditional love, and

Everything you have done to

Give all parts and pieces of you

To others, to take care of them

For their happiness

Other than your own

Believing that you are unworthy

That you ain’t supposed to ask

For whatever you would like

That you ain’t supposed to have

Whatever you desire

That brings you joy,

And how much of that lie

Is what you bought

From all those who taught you

Your father, mother, any and all

Authority figures and

Everybody else around you

As real, true and yours

When it actually wasn’t?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, destroy, and

Return all that pile of crap

To all senders please?

That much of your capacity and capability

Of giving and deep caring for others

Is that much you have and be for you

Would you like to acknowledge, receive

And reclaim it all for YOU

For all eternity?

You deserve to have whatever

And whoever you desire

That is inspiration and empowerment

That is contribution and expansion

To your life and living

For your joy and happiness

For your peace and serenity

For your lightness and freedom

For your infinite possibilites and capacities

For your gigantic wings to fly

Choose to ask for what you want

Even when you doubt

Choose to speak your truth

Even when you fear

Choose to walk away from

Any relationship and people

Even when you feel otherwise

And want to hold on to them

When you know deep in your heart

They aren’t in alignment with

Your highest purpose,

Choose to do something different

For your amazing adventure

Even when you have fear of the unknown

To explore what else you are capable of

Be bold

Dream big

Dive deep

Fly high

Because YOU as an infinite being

Are way greater than all the thoughts,

Feelings, emotions, beliefs,

Fear and doubt

That drag you down

Would you like to receive

From your own soul and God within you

It is safe and possible for you,

And you are so worthy and deserving

To have those whom you feel safe with

Those whom you can open yourself up to

Those who can hold space for you

Those who can inspire and empower you

Those who can lift you up

The way you are that space and capacity

For you and others?

What if by letting go of

Who and what you don’t want,

You create space and invitation

For who and what you truly desire

To come into your life?

What if by letting go of

Who and what no longer works for you,

You gain more and all of YOU?

That is your exact message

That is your exact prayer

That is your exact ask to

The entire Universe for

What your heart, soul and being desire

That is your power to create

And co-create with the Universe

Because you start with YOU first

Because you trust you first

Because you see you first

Because you appreciate you first

Because you reclaim YOU first

That is how powerful you are

That is how capable you are

That is how worthy you are

Take your power and worth back

Have your power and worth

Own your power and wortb

Stand in your power and worth


That power and worth is YOU

Your magnificent soul

Your brilliant light

Your God’s magic and miracle

Your God’s gift and blessing

Your greatness and genius

You are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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