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Remember Your Soul

Do you create you or choose you?

Which one feels lighter for you?

God has created you

Whole and complete

Perfect and miraculous

Since your very first existence

In the Universe

It is the human experiences

Lifetime after lifetime

That might have got you

To forget that total truth

About you

God has gifted all of us

The greatest gift of all:

Our power to choose

Our freedom to choose

To create and generate

Whatever we want in our lives

God loves us that much

To allow us to choose freely

Whether we want to

Awake and remember

Embody and be

The powerful soul

The magnificent infinite being

The God within we be

Or not

God still loves us anyway

It doesn’t mean that

All the trauma

You have gone through

Should just be forgotten

Should just be denied

Should just be dismissed

Should just be buried

The more it gets buried

Without acknowledgment of it

Without liberating it,

It has nowhere to go

It just sits there for ages

Deeper and higher

From lifetime to lifetime

From pattern to pattern

From choice to choice

That is not real choice at all

And gets you to go

Into the same vicious cycle

Over and over again

And forget more of YOU

It doesn’t mean that

You have to dwell on it either

Yet your willingness and courage

To work with it

To use it in your favour

To make it work for you

To burn it all to ashes

Reclaiming your God’s knowing

Not fixing it within

Cages and lies

Is your very key to

To your total freedom

To reclaim all of YOU

That God created you to be

With every choice you make

To choose for YOU

You are that capable

You are that strong

You are that courageous

You are that wise

Like nobody else

On this planet Earth

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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