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Safe To Receive

If you desire change

And yet find yourself

Hitting a wall

Resistant to change

Saying no to receiving

Anything or anyone

Not knowing who to trust

What to trust

For not feeling safe

For fear of being abandoned

And getting hurt again

Especially if most of your life

Was repeated trauma, abuse and pain

I feel you

I feel your heart

I feel your hurts

I feel your pain

You are not wrong for saying no

What if you are never wrong

For whatever choice you make?

What if you always learn

With whatever choice you make

In your own way

With your own path

At your own pace, and

It will always turn out good for you?

What if your deepest desire

Is feeling heard and

Feeling safe

To be heard

In order for you

To be able to receive

Anyone and anything that works for you

And unleash your power within you?

You might be told to

Choose this or do that

Many times,

It might work for some

It might not for others

I would like to share with you

My personal experience

As it comes to feeling safe to receive

I made friends with these street dogs

When I felt unsafe with no humans

These dogs were scared of humans

The leader of this group of street dogs

Was friendly with me from the beginning

He would allow me to touch him

Pet him and play with him

There was this younger dog of the group

Who would always come for food

And watch me play with the leader

Day in and day out

But would always withdraw and

Never allow me to touch her

She didn’t feel safe

She didn’t trust me

She was scared of getting hurt

I wanted her to know

That I loved her so much

That I was there present with her

Even when she didn’t feel safe

So she would just come for food

And watch me play with the leader

For two years straight

Until one day

She allowed me to touch her

For the very first time

That made me feel so happy

Over the moon

So honored, so blessed

As she started to trust me

And receive what I had to offer her

From that day on,

She would allow me to pet her

And play with her

Everyday with so much joy

So what is my point?

We all are different

Some require more of this or that

Than the others

If you have never felt safe to receive,

There is a part of you

That does know who and what is required

For you to feel safe to receive

That is right for you

We all have different backgrounds

We all have our different paths

We all go at our own pace

We all have different lessons to learn

We all learn them in different ways

Nobody experiences what you experience

Only you know what is required for you

It ain’t easy

Yet it can be done

In order to trust others,

We gotta trust ourselves first

Trust your heart

Trust your soul

Trust your knowing

No matter what others say

What if you do know

What you are doing

Even when you have doubts?

That’s how capable you are

What if your deepest desire

Is nothing but your deep

Unconditional love for you

And trust in you?

What if everything you

Have been going through

Is to learn to do and be just that

For you

One moment at a time

One day at a time

One step at a time

To build a strong foundation with you

From inside out

In order to receive and be the true change

That your heart and soul require and desire?

With that,

You are strong

You are resilient

You are intuitive

You are capable

With your knowing

Whether you believe it or not

You got this. One step at a time.


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